Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tracking back...Interview

A good bit ago I gave an interview to Elizabeth Burk-Dain in correspondence to the Respiratory Health Association Smoking Ban sculpture Phoenix. I wanted to link everyone to that interview on Elizabeths blog. It's a bit late but I had a great conversation with her on lot subjects beyond that of the sculpture and into many aspects of conetmporary art practice. Please visit the link and check it out.

Interview With Elizabeth Burk-Dain

Emanuel Aguilar

I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful person..

Her name is Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons. She is a Cuban artist and has a show up at the Glass Curtain Gallery entitled Life Has Not Even Begun. Magdalena's work explores the fluidity of identity, a subject, which many of you know, I am very involved with. I was approached by Neysa Paige Leiberman to interview the artist. I discovered a very necessary inspirational person in Magdalena in that short interview. I was starting my last semester of undergrad and was questioning alt of my interest with both ,my ractice and decision making. Magdalena's work and person in overall was a breath of fresh air which I needed so much at that moment. I want to thank Neysa, Amy Mooney, and Joan Giroux fo rthe opportunity to meet and interview Magadalena. I would however like to thank Magdalena herself for not only givnig me the pleassure of talking to her but giving me a boost in energy and determination. The link below is the article I wrote in correspondence to the interview. Please check it out.

Interview With Maria Magdalena Campos-Ponce
Emanuel Aguilar