Friday, November 21, 2008

Eskell is Having a Pre Holy Day Holy Day Sale Event

Go check out some stuff , drink mimosas and maybe even buy some of the stuff you check out. Ill be there towards later in the day but the SALE goes on all day.

1509 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Emanuel Aguilar

Spotted The Sean

So Sean is not only in the city but came in to the A & D Gallery today. Heres a picture to prove his presence in the Chicago. Find him buy him a drink and get him to do a little dance.

Pics of the Open Sudio BFA

Heres some pics from the Open Studio Last night.

D Hirst Does a Video

Damien Hirst has art directed  a music video for The Hours . Sienna Miller is in it acting all crazy in a Hirst like environment. I kinda like it .  But maybe its just cuz it presents itself as yet another outlet in which now fine art can exist . I m sure it has before with like David LaChappelle and what not but I'm just saying MBA here I come.  Anyways heres the video.


For everyone that came to the BFA Open Studios. I'm very glad to have been able to be part of the event and glad many of you came out to participate. Pictures will be posted soon, probably to9morrow, I need sleep.

Emanuel Aguilar

dear inspiration.....

I hope to be this motivated and driven about my career and work . This is my dream excitement and the only level of determination I will stand by. Dear inspiration don't let me down, I wear you on my shirts.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming soon to a ....

..Thompson center near you, I think, a colab public sculpture by Mr Vincent Finazzo, Eric Siegel, and myself. More once its up. Its gonna be uhm GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Emanuel Aguilar

I would.....

....tell you about me and the BFA's open studio tonight at the 10th floor in 623 S. Wabash between 5 -7...but I'm afraid you might show and overpopulate our lovely department......

The Bucket Reminds

Thanks to Mr. Andy Bucket Holder for reminding me today of my bible of art books , Julie Ault's Felix Gonzalez Torres monograph. this book seriously is the most beautiful book ever with some of the best collection of essays ever. It really has influence me a lot. Of coarse it being about the FGT helps it on my list but it really is an amazing book.

Read it!! Now!!

Emanuel Aguilar

Deal of Le Cliff o' Still

So I'm mentioning this for two reasons: one well ok more than one reason whatever here are my reasons this woman owned some really uhm interesting ? painting of what looks like cars or something Sunday ish , and she brought it to my favorite secret pass time , Antiques Roadshow, and it turned out to be a early painting by Clifford Still. I think her facial reaction is my favorite part here, I'd probably be making the same face if all of a sudden I got the estimate she got . Heck I'd probably make that face just for simply being on that amazing show.So the nice little lady ended up finding out her Still to be worth at 500,000$$$. Anyways here's the NY post about it and I'm going thrift store shopping.

NY Post

Emanuel Aguilar

Pics From Pete and the Lumpen or the Other name I can never Rememeber

Here are some of the pics from the InfoPorn show last Friday. It was an interesting show. My favorite thing about it was the installation , very symmetrical very clean in comparison to the show they had installed last time i was there....oh oh and of course Pedro's stuff which I though stole the show due to the fact that everything else fell under a very stark uniform. and cuz Pedro's stuff was kick ass! I included a picture on a very nice piece of his in which he asked to asses his painting skills, I gave a thumbs up.

Emanuel Aguilar

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pop On Prop 8 and Kyle stuff.

So with all this going on regarding the passing o f Prop 8 and the whole gay marriage issue I wanted to share some of Kyle Harter's work that has touched on the subject.Kyle has been working with a documentary called, "Fish Out Of Water" which surrounds a critique and exploration of homosexuality and the Church. Two of the videos are small clips from the film which is still in production and the other one is a film made by Kyle in response to some of his own research
(Orangutans can do that?). Anyways I think hes done a great job at approaching this issue and once again lets all reevaluate how important it really is to allow equality across all boards. I mean like Kyle puts it in his film "Its not just about making babies".

I accidentally added two of the same video and I cant figure out how to change it so I shall leave it. enjoy it twice. Update I firgured out how to remove the extra video I posted twice so now enjoy it once or forever or twice or whatever.

Emanuel Aguilar

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Check this show out tomorrow (Friday) night at Lumpen featuring my amigo Pete.

Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space Presents : The Box Show

Hello , The Happy Collaborationist is hosting yet another great show on the 22nd of this month. This time around our happy girls in blue hair present the Box Show. Ms Anna Trier in a recent discussion stated she is very excited with this show and to expect wonderful work and an exciting night. Below is the curatorial statement for the show and also all the info. Hope to see everyone there.

Curatorial Statement:

The cube is a Platonic solid, also called the regular hexahedron. The term is derived from Plato's notion of a regular solid out of four classical elements: earth, air, water and fire. The metaphorical conception of an infinite line connecting nature is extremely beautiful; it is the celebratory painting of the beginning of human logic.

A box functions as a tabla rasa by taking the form as a symbolic and physical container to absorb and/or mimic the containing object. Its utopic and minimal simplicity is also open to intricate physical and emotional complexity and can create infinite amount of elaborate patterns and structures. It is the ultimate
metaphor and it is ubiquitous. However, its existence is so modest and tranquil that we often do not recognize living within a box. It is a child of mother nature and something that we continue to struggle with; we are constantly trying to be "outside the box." Before this perilous revolution, we must understand and appreciate its symbiotic nature with humans.

Dain Oh

Saturday, November 22, 2008

7:00pm - 11:00pm

The Happy Collaborationists Gallery Space

1254 N. Noble

Chicago, IL

Emanuel Aguilar

Friday, November 7, 2008

Congratulations to Mr. Tannar

Congrats to Tannar for taking the win at the Honors show this year. Oh and Mr Joshua also congrats. There was other people who got awards but as far I recall I have no idea who they are , congrats to them also. Here's Tanar's piece o' happy. I hope I spelled his name right so I wrote it Tannar and Tanar just in case. I suck at spelling. Anyways I have more pictures of other peeps in the show which Ill post in a bit. If your down at Columbia campus go check out the show theres some nice stuff in it.

Emanuel Aguilar

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eman is Truly A Happy American Child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama is our new president!
America the New!!!!!!!

Emanuel Aguilar

Monday, November 3, 2008

Studio timing it.

Since I been spending so much time in my studio recently reading, sleeping, washing my face with some stuff I got at CVS I thought I'd share my view from my window.

Emanuel Aguilar

October 31st 2008

Friday the 3st was a long day. I only managed to document a small part of the day though it was filled with so much activity and I wore the most exhausting shoes. Anyways here's some pics of some of the peeps and the Jenny Holzer opening.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eman is Baracking It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Im saying is go make some sort of choice. But I'm letting you in on my choice, there's bigger problems in the world then the pity things we allow our media and our sorrounding influences inflict us with. Lets look for a better approach to being to living to simply thinking. Eman proudly voices his pick of Barack Obama as the next Pres of the USA.

Emanuel Aguilar