Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SOLVE Tribute Show

I had recently posted regarding a tragic incident in Logan Square resulting in the far too premature death of a young artist named Brendan Scanlon who went by t he street art name SOLVE. This Friday the 1st of August there will be held a tribute show in response to Brendan's life, influence, and art at the OhNO!Doom Gallery in Logan Square. His closest friends whom some are very dear friends of mine are doing a great thing here in showing a honorable and reverse sense of community in contrast to the insipid incident that took this artist's life. Come support and get to know who SOLVE was and who his friends and family are. Ill be there and hope to see many of you there.Also 50% percent of the profits will be donated to a charity funding a art program in Scanlon's hometown.

2955 W. Lyndale
Friday August 1st.

Emanuel Aguilar

Hello , Been So Long Keeping Strong

I have been a little out of the scene for the alst few days. I been basically non stop working every day, it's been good but I'm looking forward to the break this weekend to get some things done and ready. So this is why I have been hard to reach, just really busy, but I wanted to tell everyone that came to my show how much it meant to me that you'll came out to support. The show was great ,so many people came I lost count and running up and down the stairs to open the door was good exercise, ha.

I know there was some mix ups with people who came to the Thomas Masters Gallery instead of the Jared Hatch studio, if anyone went in there then you probably noticed that wasn't my work , ha. However I think there is a closing reception in works for my show the 7th, in case theres anyone who missed it who wishes to come see it.

It's been a tough summer thus far. enjoying new jobs, trying to figure out how to move on from old ones. Recently I have been also helping an artist by the name of Margarette Wharton at her studio. She is a wonderful woman with some great work in her past(including a solo at the MCA). She gave me a ton of books the other day and if you all know me, books a re like currency to me. I love books. Well you guys should Google her and check her out, she does some crazy stuff and thats in a good way. I attached a photo of one of her pieces.

So dear friends if I been hard to reach my apologies, I been really busy, but like always we hope for better days ahead that make it all worth it.

Emanuel Aguilar

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Show Card!!

Here's the card I made for my upcoming show at the Jared Hatch Studio. The scanned reproduction doesn't do the card justice, for those of you that have gotten an actual card you know well that its like a little mirror in your pocket. the actual surface od the front of the card is as reflective as a mirror. Oh well I'm still pretty down with the way the card came out. Thanks to miss French fro helping me make it!!!!

Emanuel Aguilar

Eman Is Having A Solo Show!!!!!!!!!!

So my good friend Jared Hatch has offered me a solo show at his studio in Old Town. the show is called Untitled(Happy American Child) and will feature a good amount of recent and new work of mine. I'm really excited about this s how. The space is a great space and itll play well with the installation of some of my work. I'm exited because I get the chance to play with installation and such with placement. I am having two essay written for the show by Art Historians Amanda Ferris McKenzie and Alyssa Hodes. There very intelligent girls and I find their approach to my work to be intriguing because not only do they know me personally but also have very complicated and diverse opinions about the subject matter in my work.

Along with the essays I have been getting a lot of support and help from friends in getting the show together . I want to say thank you to Mr. Jared Hatch of course for the opportunity to show at his space, Laura French for her help with my invitational cards, Kyle Francis Harter for counseling me via internet on my stresses, and of course Amanda Ferris McKenzie and Alyssa Hodes for their contributions.

The Show will be on:
July 24th, Thursday
245 W. North
Suite 201
6.30 - 10

At The Jared Hatch Studio

The show will be available by appointment through the 7th August.
Appointments can be made at :

I'm really exited about this one. Emanuel Aguilar

Chicago Art Open Picks Eman!!!!!!!!!!

So I got an email a couple of weeks ago informing me that I'm in some show at the Merchandise Mart called the Chicago Art open in October. Maybe September, sucks I cant remember, I'll have to check on that and update on it a bit later. But its basically a show of over 200 Chicago based artist and its a charity event so anything sold 40% goes to charity. I'm very honored to be in this. I want to thank Adam Brooks for putting me up for this. I posted a picture of the piece they chose to be in the show. Its one of my works on paper. Hopefully once the show goes up at the Mart everyone can go by and check it out. A few of my friends are also in this show. Theodore Boggs and Erick Siegel, my homies. The name of the piece is Untitled , of coarse, (children and...). It's simply a mix media painting I did one day when I was reading articles of how children were being left in difficult situations when they were American citizens and their parents were immigrants and in danger of being deported. Must be though, sucks that kids have to go through stuff like that. Just like Elian in a way. Ok so enjoy the pic. Talk to everyone soon.

Emanuel Aguilar

Checking UP on Things

I been crazy busy for the last couple weeks so I have not been posting much. I'm back now with a little more free time, well not really, but i want to let everyone know on a few tad bits of news.
Hope everyone is good.