Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Work : Untitled ( House )

This is something Im working on. Its basically finished except for me figuring out the installation hardware and brackets or whatever. Bad pictures but shows you some process I think. The pictures aren't focused because every time i snap a photo the reflection focuses and not the white house and or bricks but you guys get the point.

Emanuel Aguilar

Eman Helps Friend....

Since were on the topic of fashion.
Help Lindsey and get some stuff. My friend Lindsey is trying to make some extra bucks and has put up some of her high end stuff at very nice prices up for grabs. Please help my Lindsey out if you see anything you like. Thanks.

Walton O Stuff

Emanuel Aguilar

Eskell Goes Gossip

A dress designed by my friends down at Eskell was featured in a recent episode of Gossip Girl on the CW. I wanna congratulate my friend Liz who owns Eskell on this. Big props. You guys can check out there website and or their store in Wicker Park. Heres a picture of the dress in the episode.

1509 N. Milwaukee Avenue

PHAIZ Chicago

Ok so I finally went inside that place Phaiz down the street from my work at Woman Made gallery. I always walk by it and never actually went in thought it was always an alluring installation inside. The show they have up right now is interesting and Industry of the Ordinary is in it. The installation is really clean and great I really enjoyed the space.

One thing bothered me a little however. I'll take fault for taping my coffee on one of the display tables, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. But one of the women whispered to another younger girl to tell me to please not touch the exhibitions. Fine I was at fault. However what I found rude , apart from the whisper in front of me, was that the older woman went and checked the sign in and book area I had just been at (I'm assuming to see what I messed up if anything) right after she whispered and that after I was told to please not touch the Exhibition the girl stared at me the rest of the time I was in there. Now I have been on the gallerist side of art long enough to know that it is rude to right on stare at someone who is looking at work. I hate being stared at specially within five feet of distance. I left there shortly I wanted some pins and one of Adam's prints but I felt weird afterwards. I just wanted to say... but ill get over it.

Regardless I encourage everyone to check the show and space out. Its actually very intriguing and well executed. I was going to go the opening since I knew Industry of the ordinary was involved and dear friend and coworker Meegan Ross is friends with one of the other artist( not sure which one). Heres the address link and card for the show. Laters.

I think the photo for the card is brilliant, it's really a hilarious photo.

673 North Milwaukee Ave Hours:
Chicago, IL 60622 Wednesday-Friday 3-8pm
312.226.9070 Saturday 1-8pm Sunday 1-5pm

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Work: Untitled Exchange

Andrew Is mean to Dogs and other Fun of the Apartment Show

Andrew and Joshua lived up to their smile comment regarding their Apartment show at the Happy Colaborationist Exhibition Space this past Saturday. Heres some photos of the evenings events.

Emanuel Aguilar

Photos From Weekends Past

Here are some photos of Kyle Harter's Show this past Saturday at Knee Deep in Pilsen. I didn't get many photos here but hopefully Kyle isn't mad. They had nice yellow colored walls and some nice paper airplanes.

Emanuel Aguilar

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tomorrow Happenings and Chin Dings.

Saturday the 18th check out some of me good friends and fellow artist Kyle Francis Harter's show at Knee Deep Vintage Store in Pilsen . Also his show at Dove Tail on Chicago ave is still up and is encouraged for a visit. 

Also Mr Andrew Burkholder and Joshua Clarfelt are having a show at The Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space in Wicker Park. I will be at both these events. when Burkholder was asked for a comment on what to expect he gave a smile and a wink so expect some entertainment, I hope Bucket Holder!


Kyle Francis Harter
Knee Deep Vintage
1425 W. 18th

Andre Burkholder & Joshua Clarfelt
The Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space
1254 N. Noble
7pm - 11pm

What What on Tonight and On.

Friday Octorber 17\. Happenings...

Ok tonight there is quite a lot happening. I encourage everyone to check out some of if not all of these events. 

First off Industry of the Ordinary is part of a show entitled Reflections at Rhona Hoffman this opens tonight. Jenny Holzer, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero and others are also included in this exhibition. I unfortunately missed Industry's.. last happening at the MCA but I will be in the west loop this evening so I shall check out the Rhona Hoff.

Rhona Hoffman
118 N. Peoria

Right next door at Monique Meloche you got CArrie Schneider with some new work. I know probably nothing about this artist but her photos on the website intrigued me , I posted one above, simply because i have this thing about relationships in life and how dependent people are of other people. Note not saying this is good romantic r anything like that I think it's silly. And Monique is always host to some great shows, expl: Mr Rashid Johnson's show last month. 

There is this place called FAVE ( I Think) I believe i pass it on my way to work to Woman MAde every time I work there on Milwaukee. It's very intriguing I cant find it online but I have been informed on some happening there tonight. I hear Industry of the Ordinary will be there at some point tonight and I will try to stop by. If anyone knows more info please let me know. Its on Milwaukee north of Grand.

And last but not least My brothers' band Stoop is having a show at the Kinetic Playground on Lawrence tonight at 10pm. I will end my night there hopefully I can make it on time. They were on q101 last Sunday so their very productive as of late and if anyone is in the area would be great too show some support. Ok well thanks see ya all lates.

Emanuel Aguilar

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Digs, Gigs, and FIgs.

So right now if you guys haven't done so check out the show at A=D Gallery at 619 S. Wabash. it's called Off the Beaten Road and it has some great work from local and national artist. the work is really great I mean no really it is. Juliana Cuevas and Meegan Ross curated and it tells a very universal story of being alone but being in a a comfort zone beyond that of the accompanied moments.

A +D Gallery
619 S. Wabash
11 - 5

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some mor eof the Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen

Heres a nice picture of Tweety, and the link to the Bansky Petsore and Grill. Check out. Those Nuggets man I freaking heart those nuggets. I like Happy.

Bansky Pet Store and Grill

Emanuel Aguilar

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cutest Thing I've seen in Forever : Bansky Pet Store

Bansky has opened up a pet store. thats right. If your in the NYC check it out its in the west village but watch this video if your not or Google t some more. Its really the cutest thing I have ever seen. Im on my way to the Mc'D's right now to buy my own pet nugget!!!!