Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quoting It

I recently ran across a quote by Eva Hesse which gave support to some of my ideas and thoughts surrounding idiosyncrasies within uniform and how the use of repetitive imagery enforces an idea even more so, in particular when exploring mass identity within cultures. Heres the quote:

"If something is meaningful, maybe it's more meaningful said ten times. It's not just an aesthetic choice. If something is absurd, it's much more absurd if it's repeated.....I don't think I always do it, but repetition does enlarge or increase or exaggerate an idea or purpose in a statement."

Come to think of it I never really noticed the constant repetition in Eva Hesse work. I have always found her work alluring and seductive but now taking into consideration the repetition , which is almost present in most of her work, I realize how much more important influence she's had on me. Anyways thought for the day.

Emanuel Aguilar

I would like to anounce...

......that big things are coming. The meeting held today is a stepping stone way into the future. Stay tuned.

Emanuel Aguilar

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amanda Ferris McKenzie Essay for Untitled Happy American Child

Here is Amanda Ferris McKenzies essay. She is one person who knows me very well so I found it intriguing to see how she would speak of my work coming from such position. Along with Ms. Hodes these two ladies did a wonderful job at these essays and I am for ever honored!

Emanuel Aguilar gives an eclectic view of the American Dream with his most recent collection of work. An exploration of images and meaning in different styles, mediums and ideals. Repetition is a main focus in Aguilar's works, similar to Andy Warhol, with some images fading while other burst with force giving the audience an opportunity to explore the differences within each piece. Taking these images into account the viewer is able to compare and contrast them while interpreting the meanings and adding their own cultural references to the work. Reflective surfaces are critical to the understanding and examination of several works, where the viewer can become a part of the work and expand his/her about the American Dream and it's importance.

Cultural identity is the theme of Aguilar's work. His exploration of his Latin American roots mix with the urban Chicago setting where he was raised that brings his identity to a crossroads. What does being American truly mean to the older generations? Does the idea of the "American Dream" mentality still exist among younger generations? These are questions that are consistently raised by Aguilar's work and although he does not give the viewer any answers, he reinforces the concept. The United States has very few traditions of it's own and because of this we as a nation tend to piggy back on other cultures and their traditions. trying to connect with our ancestral cultures while at the same time applying them to modern life is creating a new cultural fusion that determines our American identity. Far from home our souls are searching for meaning in a land of commercial traditions and cultures, ridding on the backs of immigrants with thousands of years of traditions and self awareness.

Above is a picture of Ms. Amanda Ferris McKenzie.

Emanuel Aguilar

A. Alyssa Hodes Essay for Untitled Happy American Child

I wanted to share with everyone the essays that were written for my show Untitled Happy American Child. They were great essays written by some very respected art historian friends of mine. Here is Alyssa Hode's essay in which I'm compared to Switzerland! Enjoy!

Emanuel Aguilar’s work occupies the space between the viewer’s expectations of familiarity and the artist’s actual relationship with his subject matter. Aguilar demonstrates a dubious relationship between artist and subject. He embraces the tropes of Mexican- American culture with an unfamiliar familiarity. He explores what it means to be an outsider within his own culture, at the same time showing ways that Latin American culture has woven itself into mainstream American society. Ultimately Aguilar places himself in the position of both outsider and insider, demonstrating how multiculturalism gives the individual’s cultural alliances a fluidity rather than ambiguity. This work connects with both Americans and Latin Americans. Sometimes the works bring together, divide or just raise questions, but it is undeniable that the work takes both sides into account. When asked for his opinion, Aguilar retains Switzerland-like neutrality, making the meaning of his work viewer derived rather than artist driven.

Above is a picture of Ms. Hodes looking all academic and all that . Emanuel Aguilar

Thanks Thanks and more Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who came to my show two weeks ago at the Jared Hatch Studio. You guys made my first solo so special for me. It was a great turn out and I'm happy a lot of people enjoyed my work.

The show closed tonight and I took everything down to night.

I felt the work looked beautiful in Jared's space. The simplicity of the installation was something that I had always envisioned when creating my work. I find so much allure in minimizing the conversation, by making the viewers mind speak louder than whatever my work is presenting as thought material.

I've attached some photos from the show,. unfortunately I didn't have my camera at the opening so I missed out on pictures of the huge crowd that came to support me. I have more photos of the work coming up but for now I would like to share with everyone a few pictures I took prior to de installation's of the work.

Thanks again to everyone who came. You have no idea how much that meant to me, really.

Emanuel Aguilar.

Been A Long .......

So it's been a while since I've updated and I know that for the most part I have been pretty distant in terms of social and communication aspects.

Life has been though the last two weeks, I been in the hospital due to a severe allergic incident, I've had bad news regarding some of my closest friends, and I've just been completly bombarded with my jobs and work and shows and everything going on. I cant keep up it seems. But I'm hanging in there.

Theres some new news and events going on and I''ll elaborate on those further via following posts.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I've added my favorite piece by my muse Felix Gonzalez Torrez called perfect lovers above. The piece speaks of a moment of sync, of perfection of being in a perfect rhythm with someone with something with life. But how so everything is temporary and eventually time changes everything and nothing is forever. I guess its beautiful also to me in its simplicity and direct application to the battery powered life in the clocks telling time in sync. Eventually one slows down or dies out, but for one moment they were the same.

Emanuel Aguilar