Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Work : Happy American Child.......

Here are two of my works with American Cheese. Take it my last post, I felt it appropriate to share these works. I use American cheese for various reasons from its cultural symbolic power, it's iconic name and color, and it will never go bad thanks to tons of preservatives added. The first piece is "Untitled(Happy American Child)" and the second is "Untitled(Out of One,Many)" . I'll discussed these works more in depth soon. Till then enjoy.

Emanuel Aguilar

Check It Out: Post-Black: There and Back Again , Kerry James Marshall at U of C

So I'm posting this on very short notice. Tomorrow or today (Sunday), at 2pm Kerry James Marshall, Darby English (U. of Chicago), Kym Pinder (SAIC) and Greg Foster Rice (Columbia College) will be having a discussion at University of Chicago's Kent Hall in conjunction with the Renaissance Society's exhibition “Black Is, Black Ain't”. This exhibition brings into question many things that I find intriguing and worth exploring with my work. the over popular approach to the irreverence of racial identity in today's culture is a very interesting twist in the way race is looked at in our times. Is race even important anymore, In a way the hybrid I often speak about, the idea that as our society here in the US progresses the blurred lines of cultural and racial segregation begin to go from blurry to non existent. That in todays time we are looking at exploring a new form of identity, a hybrid for say, one which is yet to be defined but is causing all sorts of new advancements in what it means to be American or better yet what it means to be an individual in all the sense of the meaning of the word. Yet with all this said it is interesting to note that the more "a like" we all become the more "different" w e tend to pull towards becoming. It is in fact that race is a construct of society yet it holds such a dominance over distribution of powers, class, and importance in society and life itself. I for one believe in the idea that as our society moves forward the question of race means less and less what it meant to those before us. This in saying that race is a thing thought and therefore its a thing that can be "unthought" in a sense. We see this in our modern day in our children. The blurring of lines is most present in children whom have yet to be tainted by the politics of society. Perhaps in these children will finally begin to move forward one becoming less aware of what makes us all different and relax with the knowledge of knowing that we are all more alike and just enough of not the same. I will be at this talk. I was just in New York at Kerry James Marshall's opening at Jack Shainman Gallery, and it was a great show. Mr. Marshall is a very talented and intelligent man but he is also a very nice and down to earth guy. If you can check out the discussion at U of C tomorrow. Ill be there.

I've attached some photos of Kerry James Marshall's work and a piece by Carl Pope.

Emanuel Aguilar

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chat It Up: Artist Interview with Photographer Beth Montoya

I took a bit of a break and finished finals ( All A's , thank you) and went to New York ( got my bag stolen) but more on all that later. In this artist interview we catch up with Beth Montoya. She is a very good friend of mine who recently left the city of Chicago for Dayton, Ohio? But non the less she produces some very interesting work via photo, more specifically digital photos. Her work is very seductive in many ways, the great shots shes able to get with a digital camera, the often inclusion of sexuality, and the fact that they speak of moments that we often find very uninteresting, moments alone. You know the kind of moments shows like the Real World edit out of the final aired shows. Also in a way they speak of the form of feminism existent post women's right to vote and the whole feminist movement of the 70's and 80's. It draws on questions of what does feminism mean today in contemporary politics and society. Liberation, freedom, sex and proud?! Below we discuss her influence from Myspace and Facebook, the popular inclusion of shot glasses in contemporary self portraits, and Edward Hopper and his depressing yet beautiful works. Enjoy!!!

Emanuel Aguilar:
So hello Mrs. Montoya for the record please state your full name and title.

Beth Montoya:
Hello, Emanuel. My name is Beth Montoya, former bank teller.

Haha. I see. well thank you for agreeing to this interview. Now i know you have said in the past you don't consider yourself an artist but I find your photography work to be out most interesting, how would you describe your photo work.

Well, thank you. I'd say my work is pretty self-indulgent. Most people I know don't like to pose and I'm not generally one for scenic shots, so I just photograph myself. It's sort of half photography, half modeling. Without the anorexia.

Yes, I kinda feel the same way about my work sometimes. Plus other people frustrate easily sometimes. So you would say your work is more of a productive way to pass time or do you have messages within these works. haha. Yes, very much so. maybe a little of bitchy also though, I mean they are all about you and nothing but you

I definitely do tend to take more photos when there's nothing on TV and I've been on the internet for too long, but I also take these photos to show that there are more interesting ways of presenting yourself than with boring, smiling head shots.

HaHa. so in a way there a response to myspace and facebook.

Very much so. Nothing disappoints me more than seeing badly cropped pictures of someone posing for the camera with a shot glass.

I mean you do include hints of popular culture within these photos. But the photos themselves seem very distant from popular culture or society in a way. Kinda like your in this jail or box and your only understanding of the outside is via the computer.

Well, I'm a pretty distant person. I couldn't put a picture of me partying it up on my facebook profiles because such pictures do not exist.

Ha, I think I've seen a few, but I also think I'm the only other person included in those photos. Distance sometimes is important in a world with so little privacy , I mean how hard is it to really just google someone and find them and all their past internet history, its almost scary. Your photos remind me of how important sometimes it is to self reflect and find ones place within the craziness that is life. I mean theres a slutty, a dorky, a geek, a jock, a everything within us all.

I like self portraits because you're completely in control of the result. You decide what parts of yourself you want to show and you do it in a way that hopefully has some beauty in it. Or ugliness, if that's what you're going for. Or beauty in ugliness.

Nicely Put. Ha yes, Ugly can be pretty sometimes.........Do you go into a photo knowing exactly what kind of character to portray or do you just come up with it as you go?

I generally have a certain mood in mind, but I also take a lot of pictures so I can try variations. The wonders of digital cameras.

Ah yes. One of the greatest invention up there with Wii and fat free soft serve ice cream. So any artist or celebrity influences you'd say are big inspirations?

As you know, I've always been partial to Edward Hopper's depressing paintings. There's an untold story in each one. An untold story of isolation and loneliness. I don't think all of my photos necessarily tell a story (mostly because that involves props and settings and things I'm generally not in the mood to bother with), but I'm a big fan of isolation as portrayed in art.

HAHA. You know your fascination with Mr. Hopper never made so much sens eto me as it does now. I mean you are like a living Edward Hopper painting.

I think you'll agree that being social is overrated.

So in conclusion, do you think you would ever consider your work as art , I mean i feel in a way your work can speak very loudly to many people on translatable terms, .... And Yes I do agree with that, sometimes all we need is a nice cup of coffee a comfy chair and a poke your friend electronic button to have a social life, and you know what thats ok with me.

At the very least, I try to be artistic about the presentation. Sometimes I just take pictures of myself to be vain and see which angle of my face is the most flattering. But, you know, that's something everyone should try. Everyone can present themselves as interesting and beautiful if they're not afraid to put down the shot glass and wipe off that phony smile. And if, in the process, you can make a statement with your presentation, then, well, that's pretty cool.

Your a genius, I say. Thank you very much for your time. I hope to see more vanity and self indulgence form you in the future. Till then have a pleasant day, I would say exiting and fun filled, but you currently live in Ohio.

I will try.

Emanuel Aguilar

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friends of Eman Show: Kriss Smith

Kriss Smith is a dear friend of mine from the High School days. She is an amazing painter. Check out her work this Saturday.

Emanuel Aguilar

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Work : Colaboration with Ashley Bedore and for some reason Andrew Burkholder

Emanuel Aguilar

Finals Week !!!!!! Ya know

So it's been finals week and I've been super busy trying to finish things up. Funny a week ago I was sure i had nothing left to do and that this week would be a breeze. Man, was I wrong. But its ok. I've gotten some great critiques and comments. I'm off to New York in a week for a potential very big meeting. But ill discuss that after it happens. So its oen more day of finals then BFA show, then manifest destiny or whatever it is that Columbia festival thing is called, and then one week in the NYC and then school again , Yay. Anyways for all you college students I've added Mr. Maurizio Catellan's little squirrel piece because I'm sure we all can relate to him this week.

Emanuel Aguilar

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

R.I.P Robert Rauschenberg

May you rest in peace Mr. Rauschenberg. For those who haven't heard Robert Rauschenberg has passed away this week. He made large contributions to modern day art practice and more so modern day art school practice. I've never been too fond of the work t he original master of the everything look did, but I can appreciate and consider it. I actually enjoyed some of his screen print paintings. I've attached some of the work I liked most of his. It's always strange when a famous artist passes, I always feel like sometimes a lot of people who aren't in art school or in the art world assume many artist are dead already if their work is in museums. I'm just ranting at this point. May he rest in peace and may his work always be remembered. Lets just hope the everything look stays in garage sales and not in art work.

R.I.P sir Rauschenberg.

Emanuel Aguilar

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friends of Eman Show: BFA Show

So a lot of my bestest buddies are graduating this semester.In honor of their accomplishment and to kick of their kick ass careers I would like to propose everyone check out the BFA show at the A & D gallery. The show will feature artist graduating in the Fine Art program this year at Columbia College also the show is curated by some fellow peeps in the Art History department. Theres bound to be some great work in it. Pictured above is a detail of a work by Theodore Boggs , or how i call him T-Bo. Ted is one of my bestest friends and a talented and very smart guy. I shall miss him a lot at school along with many peeps in the show as well like Annie Foley, Alyssa Hodes, Paul Shaufenberguer, Cain De Jesus, Morgan M., and many more. I wish you all luck and everybody show support and check out the BFA show on the 16th of May at the A & D Gallery, 619 S. Wabash.
I believe there is a preview reception on the 15th as well. Peace up, Buddy System!

BFA Show
A & D Gallery
619 S. Wabash
Chicago , IL.
Opening Receptions 15th & 16th May 2008
Emanuel Aguilar

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Day in the Life : Columbia College

Thees are just random pictures of some of my peeps down at Columbia. We throw down and form a nice community of artist and friends. featured we got Theodore, Erick, James, Ashley and Andrew Bucket Holder,Vincent, Andrea, and the Harter ,Kyle Francis that is. It just goes to show that theres a great team behind all great peeps. Like Thomas Jefferson said "..Out of Many , One..". I'm really grateful and happy to have these people in my life and can thank them for the support that keeps me going. Art is hard to do without support. Buddy System.

Emanuel Aguilar

Seen on Scene: A and D Derbi / Focus on Andrea

Ok so for this years A & D derby Andrea ....I cant recall her last name.......raced a dreamsicle and it was amazing. I decided to dedicate this post solely on her and her little Popsicle that could. She once gave me a talk on modesty...well I've decided to be very immodest for her and show her wonderful orange dreamsicle mobile off. She got 4th place but 3rd on default or something like that. For some reason her car enjoyed going slower than every other car but hey it got her to the top, uh almost. To Andrea I say ; Kudos! Hey if everyday outside the 623 S. Wabash Building was this fun perhaps we would all be enjoying more dreamsicles and stress less Columbia days! Enjoy the photos.

Emanuel Aguilar

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chat It Up: Interview with Artist Ashley Bedore

For This Artist interview we catch up with Chicago artists Ashley Bedore. She creates these fun wonderful creatures and worlds that have always reminded me of childhood and the child in every in all of us. We hope to see a lot more of her and her work in Chicago for we all need a little fun and monster in all of our days. Below we discuss her work, the French and her grandpa and the new faith shes practicing ;worshiping Cillian Murphy. Enjoy

Eman:Hello Miss Bedore

Once Your ready I am happy to commence our artist interview for the Emanuel Aguilar blog o' art

Ashley Bedore:Well hello there. I'm ready.

Lets begin....So for the record state your name and title.

AB:My name is Ashley Bedore. That's about it.

E:Come on even strippers and bums have title?

AB:What sort of title? Miss? Mrs? Mr? Jr?
I guess I would be a Miss.

E:Miss it is then. But I also like the sisterhood of the traveling pants.(Shes a secret fan of such film)

AB:Hahahahaa...Oh gosh. Yes. Ok. I can be sister Ashley. Or does that sound a bit too religious?
I think I spelled that wrong...

E:Sis Miss Ashley. There it's your title. So tell me a little about your work as an artist.

AB:That's a frightenly broad question.

E:Ok lets get more specific what medium do you primarily like to use to create your wondrous little world o' creatures.

AB:Usually pen. I hate pencils...I don't like to erase things. I like fine pens, usually Faber-Castell size S. That's the best one.
Lately I've also been into coloring in with prismacolors in the French Grey scale. I love the prismacolor effect.

E:I like how specific you you got with the answer. I saw you reach for that pen. I described it well(Were next to each other but communicating via internet)

AB:Thank you. It's a special pen to me. I'm also fond of the Precise pens...but it's a completely different effect, you know? I need both with me at all times depending on what sort of look I want the drawings to have.

E:I see I see. So i find it interesting that you say you don't like erasing. As a matter a fact a friend of mine, whom shall remain unmentioned(KF Harter), was speaking with me about how great drawing skills you have and how fast you draw.

AB:I'm very flattered to hear that!

E:Good. How do you come up with your creatures? And may I ask is Bedore French in origin?

AB:Yes, Bedore is French. It used to be Bedard before my people came to Canada back in the day. Then they changed it for some unknown reason. I'm very interested in grandpa did this big research project on that side of the family and I'm fascinated by it. I'm sorry...a bit off topic.

E:Meh French, grandpa, Canada, all creatures in a sense.

AB:As for the creatures...they tend to come pretty easily to me. Like as a kid I used to only draw made-up animals. Never people or real things. I used to give them these complex names...I don't know. I think most kids do that.

E:Yeah true. They remind me of childhood..your creatures I mean.. not the French or grandpa.


E:I hear you laughing so loud

AB:That's kind of creepy

E:yeah I know. Anyways moving on. How do you feel about your future plans. Any kids? Career? More creatures? Children's books. Adult books?

AB:As far as art goes...I'm not really sure at the moment. I'm just starting to figure out what I really want to do...I have hopes of working for a design firm or group or something like that. Some freelance on the side. I don't want to rely on freelance though...I need to work with other people I think. But other than a job that makes me money....I would like to keep screen printing. Maybe make some more posters...I hope to keep up personal work and have it shown in a gallery every now and then. But I do love doing work for other people. I guess that's why I'm an illustration major.

E:Well your really good at what you do. Ive heard several people speak about wanting you to do some gallery shows. I think your work is interesting in the fact that it reminds me of how adults sometimes should remember that we were once children and that we need to chilax from time to time. Ya heard?

AB:Wow, thanks! This is such a confidence-booster interview, hahaa
I would love to work and collab with other people, FYI.

E:So no worries all is possible I believe. Like your creatures say. Argh Argh Argh! I mean ya know . Well I think we all need to be reminded from time to time, in particular from our peers, that we rule! And listening to "We will rock you" by Queen only helps to fill the power !

Yes to all that.

E:Yes lets collaborate!I'm horrible at illustration, but I'm down. I can maybe make something shiny and you make something creatury, together. Ok one final question, what is the faith of Cillian Murphy you practice all about?(She claims this to be her faith of Choice....I'm Intrigued)

AB:It's a very secret organization. We're (I'm) planning the destruction of mankind by a killer virus so that Cillian and I are the only two people left alive. On an island of course so that we can eventually be rescued and brought back to live with the rest of humanity. Or maybe not. I'm not sure yet...the details still have to be worked out.

E:Well good luck on that...I think. I hear he's from Europe. Is'nt that island? Anyways any final words?

AB:I think just thank you for interviewing me...really, I'm flattered. And that I am always open for collaboration but also critique from my peers. And that I love the group of people that I work with/have come to known at the lab here. Yup. That's about it. Lambs rock.

E:You Rock n' a roll a! Thanks to you for agreeing to the interview. See ya around. Have a good Night.

AB:You too! Night.

You Can Visit Ashley's Website here or her blog at
Emanuel Aguilar

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eman Art Talk: New Work/ "Untitled (Bricks/ Out of Many, One)"

Here is a new piece sorrounding my obssession with bricks and how many bricks form a "one". Thomas Jefferson once said that the brick was representative of America because, in contrast to the large marble components of the old world, the brick was used in a series of many units. Therefore stating that out of many came one, such as America. I find this very intriguning. This idea that many make one in our understanding of America. For every brick is the same in a generic sense but each brick has different characteristics that make it unique and special. Each brick is one alone, though made from a mold it stands alone as that one brick. In terms of chrome, reflective surfaces have a strong power in the s ens e that they only give you as much as you give them. All colors and all things are refl;ected by mirror. Thus incorporating a reflective surface brings the viewer as part of each work. tehre is a strong direction in my work in which iwant every person who sees it to bring everything of who they are to it. the key here is not to explore my work but to explore yourself with my work. The reflective bricks just insinuate even more so that we are all part of this "one" Thomas Jefferson spoke of. all in our own different existence with our own different idyosincracies, are together one.

Emanuel Aguilar

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friends of Eman Show: Andrew Burkholder & Anna Pamasa

Here are some pics from Anna's and Andrew's show at the A & D gallery. Also I've included some pictures of the opening.

Emanuel Aguilar