Friday, December 12, 2008

Sharing a Message Against H8

Dear Friends, my good friend Kyle Francis Harter is involved in a film entitled Fish Out of Water. It is a film exploring the issue of church and homosexuality. He has asked me to share the following message with my friends. I have attached clips of the film as well. Thank you for your attention. Hope everyone is well.

Dear LGBTQI friends and allies,

We need your help to separate Church and H8!

With the defeat of Proposition 8 in California and other anti-marriage bans enacted in 30 other states, it is up to fair-minded individuals to stop the Religious Right's crusade of hate. We ask you to join us in fighting the cultural war waged on our families, communities, and hearts.

Our message is simple: Stop H8, Donate $8!

We need 8,000 people to donate $8 to our "Stop H8, Donate 8!" campaign before the National Defense of Marriage Act protest rallies on January 10th.

After donating, please pass this message along to of your friends, coworkers, family and acquaintances. A movement starts with a single step!

You can donate $8 to stop H8 by visiting this link:

All money raised will go to the swift completion and release of our feature film, Fish out of Water, a documentary that tackles the seven Bible verses used to condemn homosexuality and justify marriage discrimination. By using animation to make these dusty and vague verses accessible, Fish out of Water is a necessary ally in helping the LGBTQI community wage their battle for marriage equality.

We plan to bring the film to school yards, doorsteps and street corners everywhere from Appalachia and the Bible belt to the Wild West and Midwest on our 2009 Pink Van Tour. During this nationwide campaign we will screen the film, and distribute accompanying educational materials.

Please join the fight for marriage equality and Stop H8, Donate $8 by visiting: and clicking on the "donate" link.

We also ask you to join us on Saturday, January 10th for the next National Defense of Marriage Act protest rally in your local city. To keep informed on all the latest developments, join our blog:

Thank you for your tireless support, courageous minds and eager hearts. In this crucial time in history in the fight for equal rights, it's not a matter of ability, but action. YES WE WILL change the course of history. YES WE WILL accomplish it together.

With love and gratitude,

Yellow Wing Productions Team

Ky Dickens

Kristen Kaza

Fawzia Mirza

Ryan Endress

Katy Haggis

Mo Rodriguez

C.J. Arellano

Kyle Harter

Alan Saunders

*For more information, visit, or write to

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