Friday, April 18, 2008

Chat It Up: Interview with Artist Kyle Harter

So for my first artist interview we checked up on Kyle Harter or as i call him Harter.He's a good friend of mine and fellow Chicago based artist. Kyle's work seems to me always to have this very innocent look at society and culture. Exploring issues with not so much serriousness but all the importance. Its kinda like thinking of things as just are, or why is the the sky blue and not turquoise? Im a big fan of Kyle's and here we discuss his work, his cat and chapstick's relationship to toilet paper.

EMAN:So for the Record wat's your name and title

Kyle Harter:My name is Kyle Harter, and i thought my name WAS my title?

E:Well i suppose it is a title.

KH: Mister Kyle Harter?

E:I like it sounds like a stage name.

KH: Hells yeah, Keep Going.

E:Ok ,so what would you say dominates your work in terms of mediums and practice

KH: I have 70 000 pens.

E: Did you just count those, is that what took so long?

KH: Basically.

E: Well count again maybe you missed one or five.

KH: Well , know im not that exact, Im not really sure where I fit in as far as mediums an practices go. I just do what feels right.

E: Hmm nice, like women?

KH:Except women have boobs.

E: Is that how you go about coming up with your subject matter also.And may i add women do have boobs but so does art sometimes.

KH:I dont remember the last time I drew a boob.
However you are inspiring me as we speak. I like to make things for people.

E: So im like a muse?

KH: Yes you have muse tendencies but then again so does my cat.

E: I can see how that works. I recall once seeing that "I need a soda" piece and all I couldd think was man I really do want a soda also. It spoke to me in a very selfish i want a soda now way. I like that.I like cats.

KH:Hey sometimes you have to treat yourself to a good soda every once in a while, ya know? I don't know, I just feel like the world is filled with things I dont understand. Like ads on the subway, I mean how many adds of the same toilet paper ad do i really need to see?

E: Yeah I know, I did that today actually. it was grape in flavor. Well some are soft and some are rougher, I mean which do you buy ( In terms of toilet Paper)?

KH: That's the kind of thing I don't understand. I just want toilet paper that doesn't make me want to buy chap stick for my butt too.

E:Yeah but then if there wasnt such toilet paper what would the people who make chapstick for your butt sell?It's all a viscous circle.

KH:Maybe they would pick a different profession, like a federal mayonise inspector.

E:Sounds greasy . So could I say in a way you tend to make some sort of observation on society and culture with your work. or is that taking it too far.

KH:That sounds about right.

E: I kinda want chapstick now. However that's what I think of when I see your work ; soda,culture, society ,happy, sad, confusing and toilet paper.

KH:In the famous words of my great great grandfather Jean Monnet, "Everybody is ambitious. The question is whether he is ambitious to be or ambitious to do."


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