Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eman News: My Job

So im still an emily to Jean Albano Gallery. Jean Albano Gallery has been the gallery i've worked for in the last three years. Im having second thought however on if i would care to remain there. Well see were this goes. I like my job but it is straining on a full time life. Sometimes it's just time to move on. A lot has been happening in my own career this year that the gallery work is becoming almost tough to want to get accomplished. But I have learned a lot from this place. Installation, lighting, i've met so many noted people and ive been able to explore the business side of the art world. A side i fear most artist arent aware for the most part dominates a lot of the art worlds direction and functions. At the end all is business and even artist should take this into consideration. The days of the bohemina lifestyle are gone. Whats an artist to do in the days of Damien Hirst and Matthew Barney. In the days were media sponsors the arts and so forth the arts become media. So many things i think about regarding these issues. But for now ill leave it at this. Anyways enjoy pictures of me and my coworkers at the Jean Albano Gallery.
Pictured are Lindsey Walton and Sarah Kaliski Roll. Theya re my coworkers. The photos are of a recent opening we had. The fact taht the devil is present only make it an intriguing addition take it business is the art of the devil. Anyways it was a fun night.

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