Friday, October 17, 2008

What What on Tonight and On.

Friday Octorber 17\. Happenings...

Ok tonight there is quite a lot happening. I encourage everyone to check out some of if not all of these events. 

First off Industry of the Ordinary is part of a show entitled Reflections at Rhona Hoffman this opens tonight. Jenny Holzer, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero and others are also included in this exhibition. I unfortunately missed Industry's.. last happening at the MCA but I will be in the west loop this evening so I shall check out the Rhona Hoff.

Rhona Hoffman
118 N. Peoria

Right next door at Monique Meloche you got CArrie Schneider with some new work. I know probably nothing about this artist but her photos on the website intrigued me , I posted one above, simply because i have this thing about relationships in life and how dependent people are of other people. Note not saying this is good romantic r anything like that I think it's silly. And Monique is always host to some great shows, expl: Mr Rashid Johnson's show last month. 

There is this place called FAVE ( I Think) I believe i pass it on my way to work to Woman MAde every time I work there on Milwaukee. It's very intriguing I cant find it online but I have been informed on some happening there tonight. I hear Industry of the Ordinary will be there at some point tonight and I will try to stop by. If anyone knows more info please let me know. Its on Milwaukee north of Grand.

And last but not least My brothers' band Stoop is having a show at the Kinetic Playground on Lawrence tonight at 10pm. I will end my night there hopefully I can make it on time. They were on q101 last Sunday so their very productive as of late and if anyone is in the area would be great too show some support. Ok well thanks see ya all lates.

Emanuel Aguilar

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