Monday, November 17, 2008

Pop On Prop 8 and Kyle stuff.

So with all this going on regarding the passing o f Prop 8 and the whole gay marriage issue I wanted to share some of Kyle Harter's work that has touched on the subject.Kyle has been working with a documentary called, "Fish Out Of Water" which surrounds a critique and exploration of homosexuality and the Church. Two of the videos are small clips from the film which is still in production and the other one is a film made by Kyle in response to some of his own research
(Orangutans can do that?). Anyways I think hes done a great job at approaching this issue and once again lets all reevaluate how important it really is to allow equality across all boards. I mean like Kyle puts it in his film "Its not just about making babies".

I accidentally added two of the same video and I cant figure out how to change it so I shall leave it. enjoy it twice. Update I firgured out how to remove the extra video I posted twice so now enjoy it once or forever or twice or whatever.

Emanuel Aguilar