Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eman Is Having A Solo Show!!!!!!!!!!

So my good friend Jared Hatch has offered me a solo show at his studio in Old Town. the show is called Untitled(Happy American Child) and will feature a good amount of recent and new work of mine. I'm really excited about this s how. The space is a great space and itll play well with the installation of some of my work. I'm exited because I get the chance to play with installation and such with placement. I am having two essay written for the show by Art Historians Amanda Ferris McKenzie and Alyssa Hodes. There very intelligent girls and I find their approach to my work to be intriguing because not only do they know me personally but also have very complicated and diverse opinions about the subject matter in my work.

Along with the essays I have been getting a lot of support and help from friends in getting the show together . I want to say thank you to Mr. Jared Hatch of course for the opportunity to show at his space, Laura French for her help with my invitational cards, Kyle Francis Harter for counseling me via internet on my stresses, and of course Amanda Ferris McKenzie and Alyssa Hodes for their contributions.

The Show will be on:
July 24th, Thursday
245 W. North
Suite 201
6.30 - 10

At The Jared Hatch Studio

The show will be available by appointment through the 7th August.
Appointments can be made at :

I'm really exited about this one. Emanuel Aguilar

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Nadia said...

The show was great! I had a great time and the your work look really great! Too bad i am not rich yet other wise i would have bought something! hee hee.