Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chicago Art Open Picks Eman!!!!!!!!!!

So I got an email a couple of weeks ago informing me that I'm in some show at the Merchandise Mart called the Chicago Art open in October. Maybe September, sucks I cant remember, I'll have to check on that and update on it a bit later. But its basically a show of over 200 Chicago based artist and its a charity event so anything sold 40% goes to charity. I'm very honored to be in this. I want to thank Adam Brooks for putting me up for this. I posted a picture of the piece they chose to be in the show. Its one of my works on paper. Hopefully once the show goes up at the Mart everyone can go by and check it out. A few of my friends are also in this show. Theodore Boggs and Erick Siegel, my homies. The name of the piece is Untitled , of coarse, (children and...). It's simply a mix media painting I did one day when I was reading articles of how children were being left in difficult situations when they were American citizens and their parents were immigrants and in danger of being deported. Must be though, sucks that kids have to go through stuff like that. Just like Elian in a way. Ok so enjoy the pic. Talk to everyone soon.

Emanuel Aguilar

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