Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello , Been So Long Keeping Strong

I have been a little out of the scene for the alst few days. I been basically non stop working every day, it's been good but I'm looking forward to the break this weekend to get some things done and ready. So this is why I have been hard to reach, just really busy, but I wanted to tell everyone that came to my show how much it meant to me that you'll came out to support. The show was great ,so many people came I lost count and running up and down the stairs to open the door was good exercise, ha.

I know there was some mix ups with people who came to the Thomas Masters Gallery instead of the Jared Hatch studio, if anyone went in there then you probably noticed that wasn't my work , ha. However I think there is a closing reception in works for my show the 7th, in case theres anyone who missed it who wishes to come see it.

It's been a tough summer thus far. enjoying new jobs, trying to figure out how to move on from old ones. Recently I have been also helping an artist by the name of Margarette Wharton at her studio. She is a wonderful woman with some great work in her past(including a solo at the MCA). She gave me a ton of books the other day and if you all know me, books a re like currency to me. I love books. Well you guys should Google her and check her out, she does some crazy stuff and thats in a good way. I attached a photo of one of her pieces.

So dear friends if I been hard to reach my apologies, I been really busy, but like always we hope for better days ahead that make it all worth it.

Emanuel Aguilar

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