Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Been A Long .......

So it's been a while since I've updated and I know that for the most part I have been pretty distant in terms of social and communication aspects.

Life has been though the last two weeks, I been in the hospital due to a severe allergic incident, I've had bad news regarding some of my closest friends, and I've just been completly bombarded with my jobs and work and shows and everything going on. I cant keep up it seems. But I'm hanging in there.

Theres some new news and events going on and I''ll elaborate on those further via following posts.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I've added my favorite piece by my muse Felix Gonzalez Torrez called perfect lovers above. The piece speaks of a moment of sync, of perfection of being in a perfect rhythm with someone with something with life. But how so everything is temporary and eventually time changes everything and nothing is forever. I guess its beautiful also to me in its simplicity and direct application to the battery powered life in the clocks telling time in sync. Eventually one slows down or dies out, but for one moment they were the same.

Emanuel Aguilar

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