Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quoting It

I recently ran across a quote by Eva Hesse which gave support to some of my ideas and thoughts surrounding idiosyncrasies within uniform and how the use of repetitive imagery enforces an idea even more so, in particular when exploring mass identity within cultures. Heres the quote:

"If something is meaningful, maybe it's more meaningful said ten times. It's not just an aesthetic choice. If something is absurd, it's much more absurd if it's repeated.....I don't think I always do it, but repetition does enlarge or increase or exaggerate an idea or purpose in a statement."

Come to think of it I never really noticed the constant repetition in Eva Hesse work. I have always found her work alluring and seductive but now taking into consideration the repetition , which is almost present in most of her work, I realize how much more important influence she's had on me. Anyways thought for the day.

Emanuel Aguilar

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Nicolette Caldwell said...

Emanuel - I completely agree with you. Her work is idiosyncratic in so many ways. Recently, I've been looking at her work listed on her estate page and I've found them rather intriguing. If you look at her work at large you will see that her work takes a peculiar shift from 1960 to 1961. Check out her estate page via Click the selection of works link and then click 1960-1965. I've been looking for commentary regarding the works from 1960 to 1961. If you know of any, send it my way.