Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eman Gets Hired!!!!Two new Jobs but sadly still at the third Emily Position

So I should share that as off last week and this week I am working with the A & D Gallery in the South Loop and Woman Made Gallery in West Town. They both are some really great spaces showing some great artist. The next show at A & D is Busted Amp opening the 26th at 4pm. Everyone should come check it out. Also a great thing is that both spaces are non for profit which gives me a big change in environment . It's good to be getting some new experience. So if you stroll by these places come in and say hi, and support the spaces themselves by coming out to check out their shows. Thank you very much to Juliana Cuevas, Jennifer Murray, and Beate C. Minkovski for giving me the great opportunity to work with them.

Woman Made Gallery Site

A & D Gallery Site

Emanuel Aguilar

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