Thursday, June 26, 2008

Remembering Elian

So Elian Gonzalez has been in the news recently again. Remember Elian Gonzalez , he was the little boy who was in a boating accident which he survived but his mother did not, and then there was that hole debate regarding keeping him in the country o sending him back to Cuba. Well he got back sent to Cuba and has been there since, now 14, hes making headlines in the USA again. First I have a fascination with Elian's story in the fact that it is a perfect example on how multicultural issues affect us as Americans greatly and more so than we take into consideration. I mean Elian Gonzalez story is as American as OJ Simpson's trial, Brangelina, or even dare I say Tabasco. These things influence our culture and we never really stop to think how something of a multicultural theme , influence, makes such a big impact on our American culture.

So now 14 Elian has joined the Cuban Youth of Communist League and has vowed to never let down the Castro boys. Well I really don't know what to say about that too much. I mean I'm sure Elian holds a pretty big opinion on the US, I mean just look at the picture above were hes having a screaming contest with the guy with the gun pointed at him. Also there is talk over how Obama's campaign could be influenced in Florida by Cubans regarding the fact that two advisers of Obama were involved in the whole s ending Elian back to Cuba deal. Thats not that plausible of a argument in my opinion. I mean almost everyone has been involved in some sort of rejection, and in our society we applaud those with power to reject not those who get rejected. I'm going on and on now so I say check out some of my favorite photos of Elian above and my work called Untitled (Remembering Elian) 2008. It's Cast Resin with powdered Graphite and Gold Dust. Inspired by the one and only Elian Gonzalez and his influence on our passive intake of multicultural material within our America. Also the second photo is eEian now 14 at the Communist Youth conference.

Emanuel Aguilar.

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