Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WTF: Graf artist Solve RIP.

Really I have no idea what to say. This past weekend i attended an art show in Logan Square for my friend Vincent Finazzo. the gathering was great, just local artist having a good time enjoying art and the evening. I left the opening early for I had another engagement across town. Later that evening , from what I have understood, Brendan Scanlon also known by his graf name SOLVE got into a fight and was killed by being stabbed on Palmer. This is insane. Why is this necessary? I had only met him once before but many of my friends new him well. It's insulting our culture has nothing better to do than kill each other. This makes me so angry. We should all stop this. I've attached a photo of an impromptu memorial that went up for SOLVE. May his death not be taken in vain and may this even not repeat itself. Theres too much beauty in life for anything this insipid. My thoughts go to those close to Brendan. RIP Brendan Scanlon.

Emanuel Aguilar

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Eman. What a terrible thing to happen, really. It's been bothering me since I found out. I feel like more people within our art community should be aware of this incident than actually are. My thoughts are with friends and family.