Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finals Week !!!!!! Ya know

So it's been finals week and I've been super busy trying to finish things up. Funny a week ago I was sure i had nothing left to do and that this week would be a breeze. Man, was I wrong. But its ok. I've gotten some great critiques and comments. I'm off to New York in a week for a potential very big meeting. But ill discuss that after it happens. So its oen more day of finals then BFA show, then manifest destiny or whatever it is that Columbia festival thing is called, and then one week in the NYC and then school again , Yay. Anyways for all you college students I've added Mr. Maurizio Catellan's little squirrel piece because I'm sure we all can relate to him this week.

Emanuel Aguilar

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Lisa Ladehoff said...

that's a funny picture. i just finished my french exam. look i found you!!!!