Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eman Art Talk: New Work/ "Untitled (Bricks/ Out of Many, One)"

Here is a new piece sorrounding my obssession with bricks and how many bricks form a "one". Thomas Jefferson once said that the brick was representative of America because, in contrast to the large marble components of the old world, the brick was used in a series of many units. Therefore stating that out of many came one, such as America. I find this very intriguning. This idea that many make one in our understanding of America. For every brick is the same in a generic sense but each brick has different characteristics that make it unique and special. Each brick is one alone, though made from a mold it stands alone as that one brick. In terms of chrome, reflective surfaces have a strong power in the s ens e that they only give you as much as you give them. All colors and all things are refl;ected by mirror. Thus incorporating a reflective surface brings the viewer as part of each work. tehre is a strong direction in my work in which iwant every person who sees it to bring everything of who they are to it. the key here is not to explore my work but to explore yourself with my work. The reflective bricks just insinuate even more so that we are all part of this "one" Thomas Jefferson spoke of. all in our own different existence with our own different idyosincracies, are together one.

Emanuel Aguilar

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