Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Day in the Life : Columbia College

Thees are just random pictures of some of my peeps down at Columbia. We throw down and form a nice community of artist and friends. featured we got Theodore, Erick, James, Ashley and Andrew Bucket Holder,Vincent, Andrea, and the Harter ,Kyle Francis that is. It just goes to show that theres a great team behind all great peeps. Like Thomas Jefferson said "..Out of Many , One..". I'm really grateful and happy to have these people in my life and can thank them for the support that keeps me going. Art is hard to do without support. Buddy System.

Emanuel Aguilar


Anonymous said...

Art IS hard to do without support and I'm glad there's such a feeling of community where we are right now. Thanks so much buddy...keep up your good work! (And your interviews)

jagadeesan p b said...

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