Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chat It Up: Interview with Artist Ashley Bedore

For This Artist interview we catch up with Chicago artists Ashley Bedore. She creates these fun wonderful creatures and worlds that have always reminded me of childhood and the child in every in all of us. We hope to see a lot more of her and her work in Chicago for we all need a little fun and monster in all of our days. Below we discuss her work, the French and her grandpa and the new faith shes practicing ;worshiping Cillian Murphy. Enjoy

Eman:Hello Miss Bedore

Once Your ready I am happy to commence our artist interview for the Emanuel Aguilar blog o' art

Ashley Bedore:Well hello there. I'm ready.

Lets begin....So for the record state your name and title.

AB:My name is Ashley Bedore. That's about it.

E:Come on even strippers and bums have title?

AB:What sort of title? Miss? Mrs? Mr? Jr?
I guess I would be a Miss.

E:Miss it is then. But I also like the sisterhood of the traveling pants.(Shes a secret fan of such film)

AB:Hahahahaa...Oh gosh. Yes. Ok. I can be sister Ashley. Or does that sound a bit too religious?
I think I spelled that wrong...

E:Sis Miss Ashley. There it's your title. So tell me a little about your work as an artist.

AB:That's a frightenly broad question.

E:Ok lets get more specific what medium do you primarily like to use to create your wondrous little world o' creatures.

AB:Usually pen. I hate pencils...I don't like to erase things. I like fine pens, usually Faber-Castell size S. That's the best one.
Lately I've also been into coloring in with prismacolors in the French Grey scale. I love the prismacolor effect.

E:I like how specific you you got with the answer. I saw you reach for that pen. I described it well(Were next to each other but communicating via internet)

AB:Thank you. It's a special pen to me. I'm also fond of the Precise pens...but it's a completely different effect, you know? I need both with me at all times depending on what sort of look I want the drawings to have.

E:I see I see. So i find it interesting that you say you don't like erasing. As a matter a fact a friend of mine, whom shall remain unmentioned(KF Harter), was speaking with me about how great drawing skills you have and how fast you draw.

AB:I'm very flattered to hear that!

E:Good. How do you come up with your creatures? And may I ask is Bedore French in origin?

AB:Yes, Bedore is French. It used to be Bedard before my people came to Canada back in the day. Then they changed it for some unknown reason. I'm very interested in grandpa did this big research project on that side of the family and I'm fascinated by it. I'm sorry...a bit off topic.

E:Meh French, grandpa, Canada, all creatures in a sense.

AB:As for the creatures...they tend to come pretty easily to me. Like as a kid I used to only draw made-up animals. Never people or real things. I used to give them these complex names...I don't know. I think most kids do that.

E:Yeah true. They remind me of childhood..your creatures I mean.. not the French or grandpa.


E:I hear you laughing so loud

AB:That's kind of creepy

E:yeah I know. Anyways moving on. How do you feel about your future plans. Any kids? Career? More creatures? Children's books. Adult books?

AB:As far as art goes...I'm not really sure at the moment. I'm just starting to figure out what I really want to do...I have hopes of working for a design firm or group or something like that. Some freelance on the side. I don't want to rely on freelance though...I need to work with other people I think. But other than a job that makes me money....I would like to keep screen printing. Maybe make some more posters...I hope to keep up personal work and have it shown in a gallery every now and then. But I do love doing work for other people. I guess that's why I'm an illustration major.

E:Well your really good at what you do. Ive heard several people speak about wanting you to do some gallery shows. I think your work is interesting in the fact that it reminds me of how adults sometimes should remember that we were once children and that we need to chilax from time to time. Ya heard?

AB:Wow, thanks! This is such a confidence-booster interview, hahaa
I would love to work and collab with other people, FYI.

E:So no worries all is possible I believe. Like your creatures say. Argh Argh Argh! I mean ya know . Well I think we all need to be reminded from time to time, in particular from our peers, that we rule! And listening to "We will rock you" by Queen only helps to fill the power !

Yes to all that.

E:Yes lets collaborate!I'm horrible at illustration, but I'm down. I can maybe make something shiny and you make something creatury, together. Ok one final question, what is the faith of Cillian Murphy you practice all about?(She claims this to be her faith of Choice....I'm Intrigued)

AB:It's a very secret organization. We're (I'm) planning the destruction of mankind by a killer virus so that Cillian and I are the only two people left alive. On an island of course so that we can eventually be rescued and brought back to live with the rest of humanity. Or maybe not. I'm not sure yet...the details still have to be worked out.

E:Well good luck on that...I think. I hear he's from Europe. Is'nt that island? Anyways any final words?

AB:I think just thank you for interviewing me...really, I'm flattered. And that I am always open for collaboration but also critique from my peers. And that I love the group of people that I work with/have come to known at the lab here. Yup. That's about it. Lambs rock.

E:You Rock n' a roll a! Thanks to you for agreeing to the interview. See ya around. Have a good Night.

AB:You too! Night.

You Can Visit Ashley's Website here or her blog at
Emanuel Aguilar

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